TaggTo — Back From A Long Journey


a short story about our latest creation

TaggTo — Back From A Long Journey

TaggTo — Back From A Long Journey

It’s been almost nine months since my last post at iDevBlogADay. It’s a long time. Finally I am out of the woods and here to report my status again.

I started iPhone programming with my “Penguin Links” games. It was fun, and I also gained my skills of iPhone programming from it. But game programming is not really what I am good at, and neither my passion. Since late 2011, I started working on another idea.

I love all kinds of products. No matter something I am going to buy or not. I like to check their reviews, pictures, and different stories. My past working experience also gave me some deep knowledge about products in general. However, whenever I am reading the long, dry product reviews from Amazon or some other sites, I always ask myself, why good product reviews always have to be like Ph.D. thesis? Why can’t they be easy to write and consume, but still make their points? That’s where the idea is from: developing a new way to discover and share personal product experience. It should be easy, fun, mobile, and social.

I finished my first prototype iPhone app early last year. With the prototype, I was able to find two friends to work with me together on the real thing. We were also lucky to find a great designer Pek Pongpaet (@pekpongpaet), to design the app UI. In short, it’s a long, tiring and challenging process, full of excitement and frustration. And finally, after postponing our release schedule twice, our app was sent to app store for review just before the Christmas (currently still under review due to the Christmas lock down).

News Feed Page

Explore Page

Activity Page




(Screenshots of TaggTo iPhone App)

The app is called “TaggTo”, because we use “tagg”s to let users mark their comments on product pictures, at the spot where they are talking about. This makes each comment short, precise, and always in context of pictures. Hence better for creation and consumption from mobile devices. We also added the social factor — users can follow their facebook friends, or any users they trust. In their “News Feed” section, they can see all recent “taggs” from their followed users. By putting all these together, we want to make the app not only a place for seeking opinions on products, but also entertaining by looking at all kinds of product pictures and learning what your friends are up to.

We created a new website for the app: www.taggto.com. You can also download our app (we got an enterprise license) directly from our site: www.taggto.com/beta/. And the best part is, we are running a free iPad Mini promotion now. You can get a chance to win the iPad Mini by writing just five taggs. For more details, please check our our sitePlease download the app and give it a try. We love to know what you think! And good luck with the iPad Mini!

Finally, let me list the technologies we used in this project. After all, this is a developer’s blog, isn’t it?

iPhone App:

  • Crittercism: for tracking crashes
  • Flurry: for app analytics
  • JSONKit: for json creation and parsing
  • MagicalRecord: for Core Data
  • Nimbus: general framework, replacing the old Three20.
  • ZBar: for barcode scanning
  • And many other open source UI components
  • Jetty: application server
  • MySQL: database
  • Nginx: web server
  • Redis: social logic and cache
  • SOLR: product search
  • RabbitMQ: message queue
  • Language: Java and Python


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