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Pair Up

Classic android puzzle game

Pair Up

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Pair up penguins, pair up fun! Have a fast finger? Challenge our winners!

Pair Up is a fun brain puzzle. The goal is to clear all matching tiles by connecting them with an eligible path. The faster you play, the more points you’ll get.

Since it was first released in Mar. 2009, it has been one of the classic games in the puzzle category on Android Market. More than half million copies have downloaded and thousands of reviews have been left. If you have an android device and like puzzle games, you got to give it a try!

Also available on Amazon Android AppStore: click to download.

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Comments (17)

  1. dgreer, October 12, 2014
    I can't figure out how to get my hints on my Galaxy S 5. Reply
  2. debby, February 9, 2014
    On my new phone the pair up doesn't seem to react quickly. I've got a new droid ultra. Reply
  3. Monica, December 30, 2012
    Is there a version of Pair Up for the IPad? That would be awesome! Reply
    • yuchen, January 4, 2013
      try this one: Reply
  4. Anna, December 11, 2012
    The latest update of Pair Up just broke the game. Can you at least address when do you expect to have a fix? Are you even reading the comments? Reply
    • admin, December 15, 2012
      Sorry for the problem. We are working on a fix. Thanks. Reply
  5. docgee, December 4, 2012
    I hope this is just a temporary issue you guys are working on, but starting on 12/3/12, the game won't fit my Samsung Galaxy S3 screen correctly. The entire matrix looks "squished" on the center of the screen, and the characters on each individual square are completely unrecognizable. Please fix it -- I'm having withdrawals! Reply
    • Mufasa, December 16, 2012
      The pro version also now looks squished on my Verizon Incredible 2 (vivow) running Android 2.3.7 Reply
      • Mufasa, December 17, 2012
        The latest version has fixed the layout issue on my Incredible 2. Thanks for the quick fix! Great game too! Reply
  6. Brian Dutton, September 30, 2012
    Pairup does not work on Motorola RAZR. DOES NOT FIT SCREEN. Reply
  7. gma2girls, September 1, 2012
    Same comment/problem as others, the icons are huge! Totally ruins any chance of playing this game. Please please fix! Reply
  8. Karen, August 19, 2012
    IceCreamSandwich upgrade totally messed up the size and function of PairUp. Please come up with a cure!! :) Reply
  9. graceintheface, August 1, 2012
    Some communication about the Droid/Ice Cream Sandwich problem would be helpful. I've paid for the Pro version and would really like to use it again. Thanks! Reply
  10. Chris Braun, July 21, 2012
    I am in exactly the same situation as graceintheface, above. I have a Droid RAZR and it upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich yesterday. Now my pair-up game is much too big to fit on the screen, which of course makes it unplayable. Please fix it; I am addicted! Reply
  11. graceintheface, July 15, 2012
    My Droid Razr just upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich and now Pair Up no longer fits on the screen. How do I get it back on the screen? Reply
  12. jrules, June 28, 2012
    I have a galaxy note and the pairup pages do not fit the screen correctly. The squares are oversized and you cannot see the scores etc Reply

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