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SCIM on NX Client

I work remotely a lot. So NX client is my best friend. It is fast, even under crappy Internet connection in a coffee shop.
But occasionally I need to input Chinese. I installed SCIM on my home machine, and it works beautifully when I work locally. However, it didn’t work when I use NX client to remote-desktop back to my home machine. After some research, I found I had to put following lines in my .bashrc file to make it work:

export LC_CTYPE="zh_CN"
export GTK_IM_MODULE=scim
export QT_IM_MODULE=scim

After this, everything worked beautifully again.

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Setup ViewVC / Subversion with Apache Server on OpenSuse (2)

Ok, it is not done yet. I found another problem today.
Everything worked great in my home network. But today, when I tried to check out code from outside network, I found a problem. I didn’t open port 22 for my home server. Instead, I open a non-stand port on my router and forward traffic on that port to port 22 at my home server. But when I use svn+ssh, it seems there no way to specify port number.
After some research, I found all you need to do is to change the configuration file of the subversion on your local machine (at outside network). Open file “~/.subversion/config”, then go to section “tunnel”, add following line:

ssh_home = $SVN_SSH ssh -p 12345

Port 12345 is the non-standard port opened on my router. Then on my local machine, I use this command to check out code:

svn co svn+svn_home://myhome.com/home/svn/repos/sandbox/trunk sandbox

Problem solved!

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Setup ViewVC / Subversion with Apache Server on OpenSuse

Recently I tryied to setup a development server at home. It’s pretty easy to install the subversion server since there are so many great tutorials online. I don’t want to use HTTP protocol to remote access my code repository because I always like svn+ssh better. But I do want a web interface to browse my repositories and compare the difference between reversions. So ViewVC becomes my nature choice. To be more specific, I want to be able to access the source tree from my home network freely; if from outside network, I want some basic security so that my code is not share with the whole world for free.
It’s not that hard either. But I did spend some time to figure out the security stuff. After all, I am not a system engineer. Anyway, after it is done, I restarted the Apache server, and everything worked beautifully. Actually …

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