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Hackintosh Meets Lion

Lion has been here for a while. And my games PenguinLinks 2 were out as well. Now it’s time to upgrade my hackintosh to the latest OSX — Lion.
In my previous post — A Perfect Hackintosh Machine, I have described how I installed Snow Leopard on my almost-4-years-old, but still pretty decent desktop. And installing Lion is pretty similar.

(Disclaimer: The following process potentially violates Apple’s End User License Agreement for Mac OS X. Please check the Aggreement before following these steps.)
To make things less complicated, I decided to do a fresh install and then migrate all my stuff from Time Machine backup (that’s one of many reasons why I love TM!). The whole installation process is actually very easy — thanks to this really good tutorial: Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon, DP4, GM and FINAL. I just followed the guide and after about …

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iOS vs. Android — Mobile Dev Platform Heads Up

We released the first version of “Penguin Links” game on Android Market (called “Pair Up” there) on March 2009. And then the iPhone version on June 2010. In the past two and half years, we had released many upgrades; and our games had their own up and downs. Being on both development platforms for a long time, I think it will be interesting to compare these two mobile platforms head-to-head. And here it is.

1. Development Environment
Before I started iOS programming, I was a long time Java programmer. I was used to some awesome programming IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, or NetBeans. My personal favorite is IntelliJ. I like it not only because it has a rich feature set, but also the consideration they have put in for those features. The seamless integration with maven/ant, color coded file names, highlighted changed lines, quick and easy refactoring … Nowadays, number of …

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Implement “Focus Area” Special Effect in iPhone Apps

Nowadays, the competition in Apple App Store is so strong that it takes almost a perfect product and some luck to be successful there. You can’t control luck, then you got to make your product close to perfect. For games, that means not only fantastic game play and graphics, but also a lot of tiny details here and there. In my recent game “PenguinLinks 2″, I implemented a special effect in the level choosing screen, which I call “Focus Area”, to enhance the user experience. I don’t know how many users it has gained for me, but I certainly had a lot fun when I implemented it. That’s the topic we gonna cover in this post.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Then a video must be worth more than a million. Now let the video to explain what the effect look like.

As you can see, in my level choosing screen, …

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Featured Products

PenguinLinks 2
  • Unique puzzle game for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  • cute penguins in costumes
  • Fun animation
  • Play with friends in “heads up” mode
  • Game Center integrated

Burning Cards
  • Addicting game play
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Challenge your friend side-by-side
  • Compatible Android 2.2 and above
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Pair Up
  • Half million downloads!
  • Instant classic on Android
  • Best game ever, but watch out…it’s totally addictive!
  • Compatible Android 1.6 and above
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