TaggTo — Back From A Long Journey

This post summarized the story how our latest iPhone app, TaggTo, is created. TaggTo is an iPhone app to provide a better way to discover and share personal product experiences. It’s like product reviews in an easier, more fun, and more trustworthy way.

iOS App Free Promotion, Chinese App Market, and Grand Canyon

Last week, I ran a free promotion on my iOS game “PenguinLinks Pro 2″, and have learned a lot from this process. This blog post shares some numbers from this promotion, and my thoughts on how effective the “free promotion” is in general. It also discussed the growth of Chinese app market.

clingmarks.com just had a major face-lift

This blog was started back in 2007 (it was not under clingmarks.com domain at that time). From day one, it uses just some very basic wordpress themes. When we had more and more games, we started to think migrating this site to a more professional looking one. But for various reasons, this project had never been on the top of our to-do list.

Last week, finally I decided to do it.

Apple, Please be serious about ITC

Every morning, the first thing I do is grabbing my iphone, and checking my iphone apps’ sale status of the previous day (I use AppSales, which can found at: https://github.com/omz/AppSales-Mobile). Today, it failed. It was not really a surprise to me since I know iTunes Connect, Apple developer’s portal, is often down, with or without notice.
At 10AM, I checked it again. Still no luck. So I logged into ITC’s website, and wanted to check the sale status from there. When I clicked on the “Sales and Trends”, first I got a SSL certificate alert. I ignored it, and let the browser continue. After a few seconds, I saw a shocking view on my browser:

When I saw this, the first thing went through my mind is I was on a wrong website. But I checked the url, and yes, it was “reportingitc.apple.com”. Then I remembered the warning about the …

Where is the mute button?

For the last 2 Pair Up releases, we took out the mute button from the game menu, and got some questions from our users as to how to mute the game sound. Here’s how: use your phone’s volume controller.
A bit more explanation as to why we made this change: the popup menu with 4 items (hint, shuffle, pause, and mute) takes too much estate: almost 1/3 of the screen, which blocks too much of the board. Reducing it to 3 items will allow them to fit in one line and only take 1/6 of the screen. Plus, less items in the menu will make it easier and faster for users to locate and click on the intended item.
Let us know what you think: support@clingmarks.com

Pair Up SAT High Score Tips

I have the same ask with several people’s comments on SAT scoreboard: how did folks getting 1000+ scores? I considered myself a fairly good player, and my average score is between 600 and 700: on a good day I could get 900, but that’s considered extremely lucky.
For those who can’t get 500, here’s my tips:

a faster phone with bigger screen. I have 2 android phones: a 320×480 G1, and a 480×800 faster one. The game is a lot snappier on the latter one. I’m not asking you to buy a newer phone just for this game (haha, I’d be very flattered if you do). I’m sorry this is not very fair for ppl with slower phones. I’m still working on ways to improve my algorithm.
Try to avoid clicking on 2 connected tiles: you only gain 1 point for this move. Check around if there’s a valid path between some other …

How to make the game more fun?

We haven’t made any updates to Pair Up lately: it’s not that we are lazy (a little bit, maybe), but more because we are running short of ideas on how to make it more fun. If you have an idea, we’d love to hear from you to improve this game!
So, please help us to help you enjoying more of Pair Up!

How to play Pair_Up/Penguin_Links

General Rule:
The goal of this game is to eliminate all image tiles from the board by pairing up all the identical tiles. A connecting path will be drawn between the paring tiles. Here’s some simple rules about the path:

A path can can only go through the empty spaces
A path can have at most 2 turning points
A path can only go horizontally or vertically, not diagonally.

Here’s few examples of valid path:
You will score as you play, which is based on the time and lengths of the connecting paths: the faster you play, the more points you get; the longer the path is, the higher the score is.
Other Help:
While playing, you can get hint, shuffle the tiles, or pause the game. Just click the menu at any time to get more help. Shuffling can also to done by shaking the phone (you’ll feel the phone vibrated once shuffle is done).
You can pick …