Custom Mac Mechanical Keyboard — Let’s have some fun!

Since I started playing with mechanical keyboards a few months ago, I was totally amazed by how satisfying they feels. I couldn’t even believe I have been stucked with membrane keyboards (regular keyboards) for so long! However, I am a mac user. Since the day I fell in love with mechanical keyboards, I started the search for a mac compatible one. Sure, most of the keyboards do work on mac, but I think what I am looking for is a keyboard not only “working”, but also having mac’s look and feel. Which is hard.

The closest match is the Matias Tactile Pro 3. It’s a beautiful keyboard

A Perfect Hackintosh Machine

About four years ago, I was tired of all the issues on Windows, moved my working environment to Linux. I installed OpenSuse Linux on my desktop, and was really happy about it.
Two years ago, I started iPhone programming, which can’t be done on Linux. So I bought a Macbook Pro. Once I got use to it, I found this is a really neat device — it’s sort like a perfect marriage between Windows and Linux: very intuitive and polished UI (much better than windows), plus powerful low level tools when you need it. It’s perfect for a developer.
And then I noticed I used my Linux desktop less and less, which is a pity, because my desktop has a really nice setup — quad cores at 3.0GHz, 8G RAM. But, I don’t have a choice, Steve Jobs doesn’t want me to do Mac programming on Linux. Hence I had the idea …

The Road to A Perfect HTPC (3) — Mythbuntu

Installation: /var/lib use xfs file system.
DVD / play settings: change from /dev/dvd to /dev/scd0, must be raw device
VCD settings: mplayer vcd://2 -cdrom-device %d -fs -zoom -vo xv -monitoraspect 16:10

where vcd://2 second track
monitoraspect to not to stretch the vcd output

mount samba drive:
make sure smbfs installed — should be already
sudo make -p /media/samba/photo
sudo vi /root/.smbcredentials
sudo chmod 600 /root/.smbcredentials
//latte/photo-library /media/samba/photo cifs credentials=/root/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0500,dir_mode=0500 0 0

after changing the mount point of the video directory, you have to go to setup / video manager to reset everything. Otherwise it wont’ work.

aplay -L to find out which is spdif
alsamixer to enalbe the spdif

Audio Output Device: ALSA:iec958
Passthrough device: ALSA:iec958:{AES0 0×02}
Enable AC3 to SPDIF Passthrough
Enable DTS to SPDIF Passthrough

install libdvdcss2

The Road to A Perfect HTPC (1) — The Start

Early last month, when I was wandering in a Fry’s store, I found a returned Netgear EVA8000 digital media center. I have always been looking for a good multimedia hub for my living room, but had never found a satisfying one. The feature set of EVA8000 looked pretty good to me, and I remembered some good reviews from Maximum PC, Amazon and Cnet. So I decided to give it a try.
My requirements for a media center actually are not that complex,

It must be able to play regular DVDs — how can you call it a media center if there is no DVD-playing feature!? But I want more than just simply playing DVDs. Since I still have some VCD movies, of course I expect it to play them as well.
It has to play other video formats from hard drives, such as Divx, AVI, MPEG4, QuickTime, … You …